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About Us


The Digital Fashion Group

 We are a creative developmental company with a primary focus of uniting creative students as well as emerging talent with the resources to maximize and polish their talent(s) and the outlets to utilize them.  Our company is driven to create and provide opportunities for these individuals with a foundational goal of broaden the awareness of emerging young creative individuals by providing immediate exposure in the fashion and entertainment industry. 



 We have the ability to connect creative talent to unknown opportunities through our professional alliances . We’ve built great business relationships as well as friendships with some of the top professionals and companies with in the fashion and entertainment industry. Our network gives us the ability to provide  paid jobs, internships, product placement and other opportunities for creative students and young entrepreneurs.

It is essential that we maintain the integrity of our company and business relationships by only providing the best fresh talent to any company who comes to us with a need. Students will be required to have a 3.0 GPA and a portfolio of their  best work. Other emerging talent will need a portfolio and physical examples of there work.  

Remember, we are a fashion-based company, so we are only interested in promoting unique, creative, fashionable young artists. 


Our Services

The Digital Fashion Group is a one-stop shop for companies. This is the place where creative, talented, ambitious entrepreneurial people collaborate to help launch your business or expand your network. We innovate with new thinking and new ways of working.

We are filled with young hip designers specializing in all categories of apparel and creative design. If you need a fashion designer, illustrator, web designer, Stylist, graphic designer and the list goes on, we have it. We execute projects with collective intelligence and resources through uniquely skilled design professional and media artist.

With every opportunity we’re given we fuse emerging talent, experience, and a consuming passion for what we love to do into the perfect blend of creativity and business.



Joining our group is 100% FREE . We are the first and only company to provide free product evaluation, consumer feedback and brand awareness for up and coming fashion designers, visual merchandisers, graphic artist, fashion illustrators, videographers and hair stylist.

In addition to promoting creative emerging talent, we encourage seasoned professionals to join our directory to offer your services to our emerging talent as we as take advantage of opportunities for paid work funneled through  our industry relationships. To join our directory click here.

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