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Cre8tive Paper



Digital Fashion Group Cre8tive Paper event is the  first interactive art and entertainment networking event showcasing artist transferring there traditional art style onto a digital platform . This event was created to show visual artist how to use technology to enhance their creativity and transfer their artwork onto a digital platform. We partnered with Microsoft to Premiere Cre8tive Paper  which provided them with there first in store digital art show. Our Cre8tive Paper event provides an atmosphere filled with some of the most innovative and creative individuals within there respective industry, sharing ideas, tips and knowledge over smooth sounds from one of your favorite DJ’s. Cre8tive Paper is much more then just a digital art show, it creates a networking environment where technology, art and entertainment comes together to empower and elevate creative talent.

Join us as we bring together creative minds to collaborate and empower each other through technology and networking. Join Digital Fashion Group




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