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If you haven’t heard yet Digital Fashion Group is the new hub and feeder system for creative talent. We are renewing young creative minds and encouraging them to design, create and live their dreams. We have partnered with Microsoft to showcase our creative marketing tool called  Digiology, which is an interactive  networking event showcasing some of the most innovative and creative individuals within there respective industry. Digiology is more then a digitally chic networking event, it’s the first marketing tool that technology, entertainment,fashion and art  is sewn together to empower and elevate creative talent.

The atmosphere will be set with creative like-minded individuals, such as bloggers, fashion stylist, magazine editors, entrepreneurs and other creative individuals networking and sharing knowledge over smooth sounds from one of your favorite DJ’s within the Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall. Not only will creative individuals have the opportunity to meet and build with someone new, they will also have the chance to win an opportunity from one of our Opportunity Sponsors. Digiology will also provide the chance to test out Microsoft’s newest products and learn more about the Digital Fashion Group new developmental and branding tools. To submit your work to our Digiology opportunities Click Here

Join us as we bring together creative minds to collaborate and empower each other through technology and networking. www.digiology.info



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