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How It Works


 Thank you for taking the time to explore the unique tools and features that the Digital Fashion Group offers.  Below is a complete break down of all our latest features and tools for you to use to develop your product, business or brand.

Directory – This feature allows you to be listed with in our creative database as an individual or an organization that provides exposure to a targeted demography that’s in need of your services, talent or product. In order to keep the integrity of our directory we are only interested in creative talent, pr companies, publications, marketing companies, boutiques, stores, models, creative eateries and production companies (film, fashion).

Private Directory – Determining the best young professionals to bring in on a project can be difficult, so we have taken the liberty to evaluate our creative talent through varies projects to determine there strengths and weaknesses. Our private talent directory is available to our professional alliance members only. Whenever one of our professional alliance members are in need of creative talent for a project, we will grant them access to the specific talent directory to fulfill that need.

The difference between our public and private directory is that the private directory only showcases the best talent from the public directory. Our private directory also provides you with the talent direct contact information and examples of their work.

Professional Alliance – Is our network of top professionals in the fashion and entertainment industry who supports creative emerging talent. Our Professional Alliance is built of individuals and companies who have the resources and are willing to provide opportunities and real work experience for our emerging talent.

Rate It – Is one our product development tools that provide you with the needed feed back from the public through our rating and evaluation system. The first step is to submit an image or video of what you would like to receive product evaluation on with in one of these categories (Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Illustration, Fresh Faces (emerging models), Style (stylist work), Beat Faces (make up artist work), The Do (hair stylist work). We will select the best submission every week from each category and create a product development page, for you to use on your social networks (twitter, facebook) to receive product evaluation.

Once you receive the proper product evaluation, you can either use that product development page for lavage to show a boutique, store etc the large number of people who luv your product or just to have a better understanding of what you need to move forward with far as production. 

Trendsetters – This the section dedicated to the fly and the fresh. Here is where you can claim your crown of being the flyest kid on campus. You submit a picture of you displaying your style and we will post it, then the style battleground begins. We will select the best submission each week.  Once your picture is up, use your social network to see how many of your followers like your style.

Each school will have its own section. We also have a section called Fresh 2 Death and that’s where you’ll battle everyone from other students in different schools to different fashionistas and trendsetters in the world.

Our Online Store – Provides the opportunity for emerging fashion designers and emerging brands a online presence within a high traffic website. The benefit of having your product in our online store is you will receive more visibility and brand recognition from our large network with in the fashion and entertainment industry who consistently view our website looking for new emerging talent.  We will be very selective of what brands we carry and represent in order to keep the integrity of our company. To submit your brand, click here.

Emerge Showroom  – Here is where we showcase  the hottest student designers and hand selected emerging brands to publications, buyers, and boutiques in a look book format. Our showroom is also the location where are celebrity stylist pull from for their clients and upcoming projects to provide product placement for fresh emerging designers. 

*All the above features and tools are only available to Digital Fashion Group members*, if you are not already a member, join now by clicking here.

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